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Canadian Liquidators

VDC Canada has grown to be one of the largest Canadian Liquidators that specializes in inventory acquisitions from many retailers, manufacturers, and distributors. We warehouse our inventory in our Liquidation Warehouse that is located in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Our inventories can be customer returns, damaged products, freight damage, and end of season & overstock goods.

Canadian Liquidation

Canadian Liquidation has increased tremendously over the years, and VDC Canada has been leading the way in sourcing and providing clients with exceptional deals since 1996.We carry over 400 pallets in our Liquidation Warehouse. This allows you the opportunity to come and see exactly what you're buying. No longer do you have to purchase sight unseen.

Liquidation Canada

Our product categories consist of but are not limited to; Apparel, Hardware, Sporting Goods, Toys, Electronics, Bed & Bath, Tools, Luggage, Furniture, Baby Product, Seasonal Goods,and many one time opportunity buys that Canadian Liquidators stock in their Off Price stores and Liquidation warehouse. We are based at

VDC Canada
120 Wellington St N, Thorold, ONTARIO, L2V 5E7, Canada

At VDC, honesty and integrity is our main focus to build long lasting relationships with every customer.

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