Collection: Our Humble Beginnings...It All Started Here

Founded in 1996 by Dino Valentini in the basement of a Flea Market is where it all began.  The need for product that would attract customers to the weekend only venue was growing and becoming a real need.  One deal lead to another then another until finally the vendors could not consume the volume.  It was at that point VDC was formed into a full time wholesale company.

Today, VDC Canada has grown to be one of Canada's largest volume wholesale companies selling wholesale liquidation, customer return pallets, overstock retail inventory, below wholesale closeouts, and many inventories for online resellers that have online stores as well as auctioneers, flea market vendors, ebay stores, and exporters.

In many cases, our inventories can be acquired for pennies on the original retail allowing you a tremendous ROI.

Product categories consist of; Ladies Apparel, Children's Apparel, Men's Apparel, Housewares, Homeware, Hardware, Sporting Goods, Toys, Electronics, Bed & Bath, Domestics, Luggage, Tools, Shoes, Lingerie, Perfume, Infants, Baby Product, Furniture, Dollar Store, Lawn & Garden, Appliances, Office Supplies, Office Furniture, General Merchandise & Seasonal Goods.

We specialize in Customer Returns, Shelf Pulls, Salvage Pallets, Closeouts, Department Store Loads, Pallet & Truckload Sales. We are known for our Canada Liquidation Sales from many top Canadian & U.S. Retailers of over 8,000 pallets annually.

At VDC honesty and integrity is our focus to build long lasting relationships. We will work hard to get your business and even harder to keep it.

VDC Canada has grown to be one of the largest Canadian Liquidators that specializes in inventory acquisitions from many retailers, manufacturers, and distributors.

We warehouse our inventory in our Liquidation Warehouse that is located in Thorold, Ontario, Canada. Our inventories can be customer returns, damaged products, freight damage, end of season and overstock goods.

Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with many Major Retailers, Manufacturers, and Distributors. They come to us first with their inventories so you know you are getting the absolute best deal that will allow you to generate a tremendous return on investment.

We own 100% of our inventory and do not act as brokers. If you see a deal out there chances are we own it.