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VDC Canada launches new VDC Canada Marketplace. Verified vendors offer Auctions, Single Items Sales, and More. Find great deals on single items from Grace's Online Store as well as pallet Auctions from VDC Auctions and unique gifts, jewellery, watches, and sunglasses from Markdown King. Visit VDC Canada Marketplace - Click Here

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Do you have a Brick & Mortar Discount Store?  Online eBay or Amazon Store?  Looking to get started in the business?  You've come to the right place. We get hundreds of emails daily from existing customers and individuals looking for a source for below wholesale liquidation inventory.  We have been buying and selling closeouts, customer returns, overstocks, distressed, vendor returns, miss guided freight, freight damage, and store closures since 1996.  This experience has allowed us to build very strong relationships with Department Stores, Manufacturers, Distributors, and large Retailers over the years.  They call on us first to solve their inventory issues. Our...

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